CMB Dating

Coffee Meets Bagel is a mobile dating application that allows you to meet people selected to meet your criteria. Users are paired with a friend of a Facebook friend, once a day.

CMB The emphasis on selection:

Coffee Meets Bagel uses the user’s Facebook information to search for potential contenders. The application focuses on quality rather than quantity. Users receive at least one “match” per day at noon, but they can only contact someone if they put a “Like” on their profile and receive a “Like” from the person, avoiding being Contacted by anyone. Women will only have a “match” (bagel in the application) of men who have already expressed an interest, so as not to waste time on people who are not serious.

“Matches” are selected from your friends’ friends on Facebook, so, inviting your friends will wide open your scope of possibilities. The idea of ​​offering only a “match” a day makes it really possible to take the time to know if you want to chat with a person instead of flying over dozens of profiles. With each “match” will come the opportunity to “like” or pass. Proposals remain available 24 hours. For security reasons, no one will be able to contact you until you have given your green light, and only your profile photo will be available to everyone.

CMB Dating a new way to meet online:

After that, the Bagels are put in contact in a private chat room in order to get to know each other. The application also proposes some typical questions to avoid situations of discomfort. Coffee Meets Bagel also has pre-selected meeting places for appointments. It is also possible for the users to benefit from good plans and offers in the chosen places. Thus, everything is done to encourage the encounter. Registration and use of the application is completely free, but it is possible to make purchases to access certain options such as reviewing a “match” that has happened, or seeing friends in common.

CoffeeMeetsBagel: find love on Facebook!

The principle is simple: one connects via its Facebook identifiers on the site and each day one receives “proposals” of men or single women. You have a day to choose whether you “like” or “pass” (next) the suggestion. After that, free to choose which person will suit you best. If you like the photo and that same person likes your profile, you can contact the person using a special number to protect your privacy and avoid giving a real number (if it does not)! If you find that the profile does not suit you just pass and the next day a new profile is available to you.

In case the first contacts have been conclusive Coffee Meets Bagel takes care of everything! Gone is the hassle to find the perfect venue, CMB has pre-selected restaurants, cafes and other meeting places. CMB even offers gifts and offers in places chosen for the registered sites.

It is said that we often meet the soul mate in our entourage … CMB exploits this thread by looking in the friends of your friends on Facebook! Only problem the site is not yet usable in France: New York and Boston are the only cities to have access. There is no doubt that if this site arrives in France it will be successful given the enthusiasm of French for Facebook and for dating sites!

Coffee Meets Bagel How It Works:

This site helps you to meet the soul mate among the friends of your friends (using your Facebook account), offering you a single person every day, and organizing meetings for you in pre-selected places.

It often happens to find your future spouse by meeting friends of your friends. But opportunities to do such meetings are sometimes rare, and it is sometimes difficult to take the plunge!

A graduate of Harvard, Arum Kang had the idea to create Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB). Launched last April, this site helps you to meet the soul mate among the friends of your friends (using your Facebook account), by proposing to you every day a single person.

Operation is simple. After logging in to your Facebook account, you will have a new “proposal” from a person who can match each day at midnight. You then have a day to indicate whether you “like” or “pass”.

If you “pass”, you must wait until the next day for a new proposal.
If you “like” and the person “likes” you in return, then CMB allows you to talk via sms, via a private number, so that the numbers are not yet exchanged.

Then, CMB organizes for you an appointment in one of the places pre-selected by the site and in which you will have services offered by the site!

The idea of imposing a limited time to pass or to love is excellent, and allows to accelerate the encounters. Similarly, organizing an appointment in a pre-selected venue also precipitates the meeting in the real world. One fault though: it can be a bit embarrassing to “pass” a proposal and then meet that person at a party of one of your friends.